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Our resource library is full of helpful information about sorority risk management. From emergency planning to insurance programs to tax issues, we have you covered.




7 Common Car Accidents and How to Help Avoid Them

Let’s face it: accidents happen. And when they do, you might be looking at car repairs and injuries as well as possible increases to your insurance premium. Safe driving can go a long way in keeping you and your family safe and your premium in check. Here are seven common car accidents and tips on […]

10 Tips to Reduce Distracted Driving

More than 40,000 Americans died on the roads in 2016, the most significant increase in deaths over a two-year period in more than 50 years.1 Whether someone you love has been known to text and drive, or you have found yourself distracted behind the wheel, these tips can help avoid dangerous activity on the road. Stow […]

Risky Activities

What constitutes a risky activity and how can you make them less risky?

Collegiate Chapter Members and Chapter Advisors Serving on the Local House Corporation Board

MJ Sorority’s position on chapter members and advisors serving on local House Corporations.

Increased Risk of Attic Fires & Ramifications

Using heat sensors to prevent fire claims in the attic.

Sample Cease and Desist Verbiage

Sample language for your use. regarding “cease and desist.”

What To Do In The Event of A Claim

When the unexpected happens, report your claim right away to put yourself in the surest position—and best enable us to help.

Winter Weather Checklist

A winter weather preparedness checklist for Sorority chapter houses.

Cold Weather Safety Reminders

Risk management tips for wintry weather.

ChubbWorks Registration

Directions for setting up access to ChubbWorks.

Certificates of Insurance: What and Why?

What is a Certificate of Insurance and why someone would need one from you.

Why Colleges Haven’t Stopped Binge Drinking

A series from The Chronicle of Higher Education.