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Our resource library is full of helpful information about sorority risk management. From emergency planning to insurance programs to tax issues, we have you covered.




News & Notes: September 2023

This edition of the MJ Sorority newsletter covers the following topics: property market insurance update, building a reserve fund, addressing check fraud , 2024 economic outlook, FAQs, and more.

Required Conditions Under the Crime Policy

Managing the embezzlement risk.

Insurance & Risk Management Summary

A detailed look at your coverage—and what it all means.

Real Talk Podcast – FAQs: Commercial Auto Insurance

This podcast discusses the basics of commercial automobile coverage.

Real Talk Podcast – Event Planning Series: All About Contracts

This podcast discusses insurance contracts.

Real Talk Podcast: Digging into designated driver and sober sis programs

This podcast discusses MJ’s position on kids at the chapter house/premises.

Real Talk Podcast: Pilot Episode 2019

This pilot episode contains a discussion of what risk management is and who we are at MJ Sorority.

Glossary of Insurance Terms

A brief explanation of various insurance jargon.

Parent’s Letter

Letter template for House Corporations to send to resident’s parents.

Digging Deeper: Directors & Officers coverage

Digging deeper into how Directors and Officers Liability coverage works.

Digging Deeper: Non-owned and hired automobile liability

Digging deeper into how the non-owned and hired automobile coverage works.