Resource Library

Our resource library is full of helpful information about sorority risk management. From emergency planning to insurance programs to tax issues, we have you covered.




The Coming Mental Health Crisis

Will Frankenberger, MJ’s Health Promotion Consultant, presents a session on the coming mental health crisis, especially as it relates to chapter housing

Mental Health Resources for College Students

Rates of mental illness on campus are skyrocketing. We share some resources that we hope are helpful.

Real Talk Podcast – Unofficial Houses: What, why, and how

This podcast discusses the what, why, & how of unofficial chapter houses.

Real Talk Podcast – Emotional Support Animals: An Evolving Approach

This podcast episode contains an excerpt from our Housing Forum on the Road series discussing various approaches to Emotional Support Animals.

Real Talk Podcast: Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2021)

This podcast episode contains a discussion of mental health resources.

Athletic Programs: Playing it Safe

Athletic programs should incorporate risk control principles to mitigate risks.

Sample Cease and Desist Verbiage

Sample language for your use. regarding “cease and desist.”