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In an effort to better support our clients, we have always made ourselves available to present at the conventions and leadership workshops of our clients.

Along those same lines, we believe strongly that providing education and resources to the leadership of the NPC organizations will better equip those individuals to make good decisions and lead by example.

For that reason, we currently sponsor the Risk Management on the Road conference for traveling consultants of the NPC organizations, the MJ Liability Symposium for the Directors of Chapter Services of each organization, and the MJ Housing Forum for the property leadership of NPC organizations.

upcoming conferences

MJ Housing Forum
In-Person Event: February 10, 2025 – February 12, 2025

Questions? Email Kit Moorman. Click here to become a business sponsor.

The MJ Housing Forum is the premiere opportunity for NPC property leadership to hear new and revisit old ideas around property and liability management of their chapter properties.  By “property leadership” we mean those men/women who work on a regional or national level with the local chapter housing entities. The MJ Housing Forum is the only conference of its kind that convenes sorority property leadership of all 26 NPC member groups in one place for the purpose of education, peer sharing and network building.

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