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act fast after a loss

The most important thing to know when you’ve experienced a loss: You must notify your insurance company right away. Wait too long, and you put your coverage at risk.

Make sure also that you submit every claim—and every incident that could become a claim. The number of claims you submit won’t affect your rates like it would with a homeowner’s or auto policy, and erring on the side of caution goes a long way toward protecting your property.

If repairs are completed or damage is cleaned up before your adjuster inspects the property, you lose potential evidence. Your recovery may be compromised. Involving the adjuster from the beginning ensures that you take all the right steps and that the process moves forward most productively.

Time is especially critical for general liability claims. Your adjuster will investigate the facts of your loss by talking with involved parties and witnesses. The longer you wait to start this process, the more likely that crucial facts get lost, distorted, or misremembered.

Don’t take a chance with your claim. Contact Heather Cox as soon as you note a loss.

Safeguard your future by reviewing your history.

We keep a keen eye on claim trends—in your neighborhood and around the world. It’s how we best help you manage risk.

Leverage our expertise by getting a personal loss history review. We’ll provide all the information you need to understand the particular challenges within your chapter. By putting those details in context with the big-picture patterns we spot, we can prepare your team to prevent and minimize risks.

To review your chapter’s claim history, contact Heather Cox.

What should you do in the event of a claim? Learn more.

submit a claim

Submit a Claim
If you are unsure about when the claim occurred, make an educated and approximate guess.
Choose the description that best fits your claim/incident.
Add any additional information or description that you feel is necessary to understanding what happened.

contact us

To put yourself in the surest position–and to enable us to help–please contact us as soon as you have a claim to report.


Please refer to our FAQ for more information about claims, workers’ compensation, submitting a claim, reviewing your claims history, and more.

Who do I contact in the event of a claim?
In the event of a claim, please contact Heather Cox at heather.cox@mjsorority.com.
What happens when a liability event occurs?
Any type of incident should be reported immediately to MJ Insurance. Officers and members will be interviewed by the insurance company to uncover the details of the incident.
Should we use liability waivers for chapter activities?
We encourage the use of liability waivers for certain types of events. Please refer to the position paper on our website for further details.
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