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Why a financial planning podcast?

Young people today are planning for their financial futures with less foundational knowledge than ever before. In fact, they’re not planning for their financial future at all. Over 25% of millennials and Gen Zers believe that creating a formal financial plan is “too complicated”, with Gen Z being ranked the least financially literate generation living today.

At MJ, we’re dedicated to helping you initiate change and manage risk because our goal is to help you become an efficient, effective, and smart organization. Internally, we have embarked in a significant effort to ensure that all departments partner to help maximize the insurance and risk management experience for all of our clients.  It is with this emphasis that an idea percolated several years ago to share our expertise in the financial realm by creating an educational resource to address financial literacy.

I am thrilled to announce that MJ Sorority is embarking on an innovative initiative to empower young people to take control of their financial future. Set to be released this summer, we are creating and producing a personal financial planning course in podcast form.

This five-episode course is designed to cover essential topics that include: personal financial management, compensation and knowing your worth, navigating employee benefits packages, retirement planning, and more. Each episode will provide actionable insights and strategies to equip listeners with a foundational understanding for navigating significant financial decisions in their twenties and beyond.

But what makes this initiative truly special is our desire to tailor this course specifically to your membership community. You will have an opportunity to work directly with our podcast developer, Audibly, to customize an additional episode. This episode would address topics that are particularly relevant to your members, such as supporting your organization’s foundation or connecting with young alumni to volunteer. This production opportunity is available for purchase.

We believe that this partnership presents a fantastic opportunity not only to enhance financial literacy among young graduates, but also to strengthen our bonds as a community. Your involvement is invaluable as we strive to create a resource that will benefit our entire community for years to come.

Contact Kit Moorman, Director of Risk Management Education and cohost of Financial Head Start, for more information and to tailor the series to your organization.