Certificates of Insurance

Confirm your policy is in place, and detail your limits and coverages.
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It is increasingly common for other organizations or people (third parties) to request some evidence that the fraternity, sorority, or chapter has insurance coverage in place. The form that confirms that coverage is, in fact, in place is called the Certificate of Insurance, and it shows your limits and coverages.

In addition, it is also very common for you to receive a request from a lender requesting that you provide evidence that you carry property insurance. Banks often require you to list them as a mortgagee or loss payee on your policy for property for which they provide a loan. Companies from whom you lease equipment, such as a copy machine vendor, also often request proof that you are carrying insurance to cover any damage to their equipment. The document that reflects the property coverages at a location is called a Property Certificate of Insurance.

To request a Certificate of Insurance for an event, please refer to the Certificate of Insurance Request Form. To request a Certificate of Insurance for a university, mortgagee, or loss payee, please complete the Non-Event-Specific Certificate of Insurance Request Form.

For more information regarding requesting Certificates of Insurance, please refer to the library under the event planning resources category.

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certificate/event review request form

Please fill out the Certificate Request Form at least two weeks prior to your event.

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non-event-specific certificate of insurance form

This form is for non-event-specific Certificate of Insurance requests, such as those required by a University Agreement, a mortgagee, or a loss payee.

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Our FAQ offers answers and resources to answer questions related to events planning, coverages, liability, and much more.

What is a third-party (e.g., in reference to a contract)?
When we reference a “third party” in our Certificate/Event Review Request Form, we are referring to any entity other than the parties to the contract.
How long does it take to process a Certificate of Insurance?
It depends on what exactly is required by the specific venue and the nature of the event. We require two weeks’ notice for Certificate of Insurance/Event Review requests.
Does MJ Insurance approve events?
No, MJ Insurance offers recommendations based on prudent risk management. Your national organization has the ultimate decision as to the approval of your event based on your organization’s risk management policies and the specifics of the event.
What are your recommendations regarding BYOB?
Can we use personal homes for sorority events?
Should we use liability waivers for chapter activities?
We encourage the use of liability waivers for certain types of events. Please refer to the position paper on our website for further details.
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