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risk management

Risk management education and control can help you identify and mitigate risk. 

What We Do

We’re your risk management education and risk control partner. We ensure that you’re fully covered, and we help you prevent losses and minimize any losses that may occur.

Risk Management Education

Manage risk with the support of a steady partner.

Nobody has worked harder than we have to keep women’s fraternities and sororities covered. We exist to meet the unique needs and challenges of chapter management, and that’s been true for decades.

We know the industry. We know our clients. And we know how to make our extensive experience count for your operation.

As your risk managers, we spot—and alert you to—the issues, risks, and opportunities that will keep your chapters operating without incident. You benefit from extensive, up-to-date risk management information without having to become an expert yourself.

You have a partner in risk management who’s as invested as you are in protecting your people and property. Get in touch any time with questions, or to make sure you’re taking advantage of all of our risk-management services:

  • Policy/manual review
  • E-learning modules
  • Risk management presentations to your audience(s)
  • Newsletters
  • Library of hundreds of risk management resources and articles
  • Claims analysis
  • Articles and resources developed for your publications

We’re committed to helping you manage risk, by whatever routes make sense for you.

Risk Control

A successful chapter starts with smart property management.

Members and parents expect high-quality housing that’s safe and reasonably priced. Meeting those expectations requires attention to detail regarding complex issues—a time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming task for staff and volunteers.

But these details are critical to ensuring the health of the house.

The key to good risk management is preventing the losses you can, and minimizing those you can’t. The Travelers Risk Control program helps our members and volunteers identify and mitigate risk, sharpening the focus on risk management and safety at each chapter property.

We help you meet each one with an individualized risk assessment for every chapter house enrolled in the national insurance program. Performed over several years, these assessments measure the effectiveness of property management and life-safety conditions, providing prioritized recommendations for improvement and a qualified appraisal of your building value so that you can be confident you’re fully covered.

Contact your Client Executive to find out more.

risk management resources

Visit our resource library to learn more about risk management education and risk control.


Have questions related to risk management? Our FAQ can provide answers and guidance.

What is your risk management position on 15-passenger vans?
Because of the tremendous risks associated with 15-passenger vans and the driver selection and training requirements, we discourage the use of 15-passenger vans for any activities.
Do you have any materials that our chapter could use for an upcoming risk management presentation?
Yes! Visit our resource library to find risk management resources, including presentations and webinars.
What is your risk management position on spray tanning at the chapter house?
We recommend securing a Certificate of Insurance from your spray tanning vendor, using a well-ventilated area, and allowing members only to use the services.
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