your claim is our highest priority

Nobody wants to file a claim, but isn’t it nice to know that you’ll get prompt, individualized attention from an agency that has been through it all? We’ll make sure you get what you need as quickly as possible.

And let’s get right to that: Start here immediately if you have an insurance claim.

We’ll coordinate with the appropriate insurance company handling the claim. Count on our relationships and expertise to keep your claim moving.

Your most powerful advocate.

When you have a claim, we dig in. Count on us as an aggressive claims advocate. Here’s what that means for you:

  • We directly report your claim to the insurance company and then monitor it closely, ensuring that your claim is always getting appropriate attention from the adjuster.
  • We’re diligent about providing detailed claims communications so that you’re always up to date with your claim’s progress.
  • We provide quarterly reports—and a thorough analysis—of claims activity and results.
  • We work with Carrier, which has claims offices throughout the United States to handle every insured location. Carrier uses inside claims adjusters on nearly every claim.
  • We have national “Special Handling” instructions for all of the insurance company’s claims personnel to refer to when adjusting one of our claims, which provides adjusters background information on women’s fraternities and sororities to help them better understand the types of claims our clients face.
  • We have instantaneous access to all of the claims adjuster’s internal notes on every claim, meaning we can really champion your interests.
  • We follow an aggressive system to push your claim toward closure.

From start to finish, our process keeps you informed and your claim on track.

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In the Event of a Claim

Take action quickly.

When the unexpected happens, report your claim right away to put yourself in the surest position—and best enable us to help. It’s not just smart practice; letting us know about a claim is your responsibility as an insured, so don’t get in the way of your recovery by skipping this important step.

Note: In most cases, Heather Cox is your first point of contact when you have a claim. But for an emergency, please call Cindy Stellhorn.
In the event of a claim:
Heather Cox


Complete this form if you prefer to submit your claim online.

In an emergency:
Cindy Stellhorn


Getting in touch with us won’t be the beginning and end of your response. Here’s a list of actions to take for various kinds of claims.

  • Property: First, do whatever is necessary to prevent further damage from occurring. Then call Heather with the date and description of your loss, and estimates for repair or replacement of your damaged items.
  • Injuries to Employees: Within five days of the injury, fill out an Employer’s First Report of Injury Form and e-mail it to Heather.
  • Injuries to Members or to the Public: Make no statements accepting blame, treat any potential or actual claim or lawsuit as a high priority item, and immediately notify your organization headquarters and MJ; contact Heather with names, date of loss, and details of incident.
  • Embezzlement or Forgery: When you have reason to suspect financial foul play, your first step is to remove all financial responsibilities from the person in question. After you’ve done that, give us a call to discuss moving forward with a claim.
  • Cyber: If you experience a cyber incident, please immediately call Heather Cox at 317-805-7598 or after hours at 317-919-0648. She will then contact Chubb for you to set up a claim and connect you with a Cyber Response Coach.

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submit a claim

Act fast after a loss and notify your insurance company right away. Waiting too long could put your coverage at risk.

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workers’ comp claims

Addressing a workers’ compensation claim can be particularly complicated. We help you sort through the details.

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your partner for every claim

The quicker you act after a loss, the better positioned we are to make sure you get the most from your coverage.


We can answer your questions about claims, submitting a claim, or workers’ comp.

Do you have a referral list of doctors near me for workers’ compensation claims?
Yes. For your convenience the insurance company, Travelers, has a network of medical providers.
Do you have resources for injured workers?
Yes. The insurance company, Travelers, has developed a web site to answer some of the questions you may have about the workers compensation process:
Do we have to provide workers’ compensation coverage to our employees?
If you have employees, you are required by law to purchase workers’ compensation coverage.
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