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Are there any insurance recommendations in terms of using outdoor grills?

We recommend that the use of outdoor grills fit into the following parameters:

  • Grills of any type should not be used on wood decks due to the fire risk.
  • Gas grills are preferable from a fire safety standpoint because they do not involve the use of flammable liquids, such as lighter fluid, or of hot coals during the grilling process. Hot coals also pose a disposal risk.
  • Gas grills are less safe during the lighting process. If excessive gas builds up in a closed grill before being lit, it can cause an explosion. Gas grills should always be lit with the lid open, and the gas tank should be turned to the off position following each use.
  • Instructions for use of the grill should be posted clearly next to the grill, and the use of the grill should be restricted to responsible persons who have been instructed on safety measures.