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Does MJ have a stance on gas range versus electric stove for chapters with live-in members who utilize the kitchen to cook?

We typically discourage members from having access to kitchen equipment beyond just a toaster, microwave, coffee maker, and refrigerator. This is particularly important in houses that have commercial kitchens because the stoves, ovens, and other large equipment can be tricky and unsafe to operate without special training. While we understand that there are many members who live in smaller residential-type houses around the country do have access to residential kitchen equipment, we are concerned that there are risks associated with allowing members even that kind of equipment – burns, leaving the oven on and setting fire, etc. As with most things, it is up to each organization to determine whether they are comfortable with the level of risk.

That all said, an electric range would be safer than a gas range because you avoid the chance of a gas leak or catching something on fire from the regular open flame.