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What are the risk management issues to consider with “house boys?”

House Boys living in the chapter house is a rarely seen exposure in women’s fraternities/sororities. Each situation is unique and should be very carefully analyzed. The exposures as we see them are enumerated below and should be considered by your House Corporation. Our position is that as long as the House Corporation is addressing the following risk management considerations, we can support this practice:

  • Male visitation restrictions are common in every facility
  • Access to common areas must be limited and probably have only limited times during the day where it is possible
  • Access to the sleeping rooms should be restricted at all times
  • Security of the resident/members is of utmost concern
  • The compensation of room and board becomes both a taxable and worker’s compensation exposure for the employer
  • The House Corporation can ultimately have the confidence in the “men” abiding by the rules; however, any allowance for the men to have male or female guests creates a more complex situation. It would be our recommendation that guests not be allowed.

Please contact us directly, so that we can help you to ensure that you are properly prepared and protected.