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What recommendations do you have regarding heat sensors?

See the automatic sprinkler article below for additional information on the use of heat detectors. We recommend that you use heat detection systems in your attic. Some additional reminders:

  • Be sure smoke and heat detection systems are UL Listed or FM Approved systems and have been properly installed by reputable, certified, alarm system contractors.
  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Standard 72, National Fire Alarm Code, is the recognized standard for ITM of fire alarm equipment.
  • Local or state fire codes may also be different from NFPA 72 and impose stricter ITM standards. The building owner or manager must be aware of the local and state fire codes. It is especially important to realize that if local and state codes are stricter than NFPA 72, then the stricter code applies.
  • Keep in mind a heat detector is just that: a detector. It will do nothing to extinguish a fire.

For additional information, review this resource.