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Back To School Checklist

It’s Back to School time!

Take advantage of the last of the slow summer days and of an empty chapter house to do some Back to School cleaning and organizing.

Back to School Property Checklist
Date CompletedItem
 Remove contents of cabinets and clean interiors
 Clean appliances (ovens, microwaves, stove tops, etc.)
 Organize pantry, discarding expired food
 Take stock of kitchen supplies to see what needs to be donated and/or replaced
 Dust off refrigerator condenser coil
Formal Rooms
 Rotate stacked books to prevent warping
 Clean leather furniture and vacuum upholstered furniture
 Hire someone to inspect your fireplace and chimney and prepare them for colder weather use
 Have carpets cleaned
Throughout House
 Wipe baseboards and moldings
 Wash all windows
 Vacuum blinds and other window coverings
 Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
 Declutter and clean out the attic, if applicable
 Clean ceiling-mounted light fixtures
 Clean carpets, doormats, and rugs. Replace any summer rags with winter ones.

Outside the House
 Check weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows; repair and replace as necessary
 Check and clean gutters
 Clean the patio furniture
 Check the exterior paint and touch up as needed
 Visually inspect the roof. If necessary, hire someone to replace missing shingles and recaulk as needed.
Additional Reminders
 Make sure your House Corporation Inventory Checklist is up-to-date and store in offsite location
 Complete the Chapter House Self-Inspection and Recommendations. We recommend you complete the self-inspection on an annual basis.
 Check your flood zone to make sure that there have not been any changes in the last year at www.floodsmart.gov.