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ChubbWorks Registration

ChubbWorks (www.chubbworks.com) is a critical component of Chubb’s Employment Practices Liability Loss Prevention Program. This free Web site, created specifically for Chubb employment practices liability customers, is an on-line resource for companies seeking assistance with employment issues. ChubbWorks offers self-registration, web-based training modules, model employment policies, procedures, and forms, a checklist database, as well as access to an extensive library of employment articles and valuable publications.

Follow the following easy steps to enroll and to get the most of the training features:

  1. Choosing a site administrator: The site administrator is the person who oversees ChubbWorks for your organization and is the first person to register onto the site.  He/She has access to the training records for his/her organization and is often someone who works with personnel, personnel legal matters, and/or training matters.  The original site administrator may add other site administrators later if there is a need to share this duty.
  2. Completing registration:  The Site Administrator should initiate enrollment to ChubbWorks by visiting www.chubbworks.com.  Within the log-in box click on REGISTER. This will prompt you to enter a password, which is your Chubb EPL policy number. Refer to your Insurance Overview or contact your Client Executive for your EPL policy number. Complete the information fields requested and create a personal password for future use.
  3. Recruiting additional users: Once logged in, the Site Administrator may extend an invitation to employees and volunteers within the organization to enroll in ChubbWorks by opening the Control Panel.  Within the Control Panel click on Recruit New Users.  Enter the email addresses of each invitee separated by commas.  These employees will receive an invitation via email asking them to enroll in ChubbWorks.  They can then self-register with the password received within the email, and later create their own personal username and password for future use.
  4. Using web-based training for supervisory personnel: Once an employee registers for ChubbWorks they are automatically assigned web-based training modules which are due within 30 days. If the Site Administrator wishes to adjust these training dates they may do so within the training section of the Control Panel. All users will receive automatic email reminders regarding the training due including due date. 
  5. Accessing and completing training:  Employees can log into ChubbWorks at any time by using their personal username and password.  Once logged on, user clicks on Training to bring up a list of training due. He/She then selects the lesson to be taken.  Each training module has complete instructions and a link to contact the Trainer if the trainee has any questions. In order to complete a lesson, a trainee must achieve a perfect score on that lesson’s quiz.  A trainee is given several chances to change incorrect answers before he/she is directed back to the section of the lesson where the answers can be found.  There is no limit on the number of times a trainee can review the lesson; the goal is to understand all the major points before moving on to the next lesson.
  6. Training records: The Site Administrator(s) has exclusive access to training usage reports, including how many lessons employees have completed.  The Site Administrator accesses this information under the Control Panel.  Select Reports for an overall view.  To check the training records of an individual, go to Users under the Control Panel. Choose Add/Edit Approved Users and click Edit next to the name of the employee and then View Training History.  Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel and printed and/or saved to your hard drive.

If you need assistance, ChubbWorks is ready to respond.  

Simply click on the Contact link, which is located in the upper right-hand corner of each page.

Use the contact button for any questions regarding ChubbWorks, and a representative will respond in less than 48 hours.