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Expections for Properties in MJ Sorority Insurance Program

The MJ Sorority Insurance Program is designed to provide comprehensive coverage to owned property that is currently housing chapter members. Any leased properties must be assessed on a case by case basis to determine coverage eligibility. 

Our current policies presume third party tenants have their own property insurance coverage, which should be recorded in conjunction with the executed lease agreement.  

To assess continued coverage eligibility under the your insurance policy, MJ Sorority needs to have a copy of the current lease agreement attached to the property in question. Reviewing your lease agreement will provide us with the necessary information to determine continued eligibility under the current insurance program. 

In addition to a copy of the Lease Agreement, we will need to determine if the following risk management guidelines are in place: 

Tenant is a single sex organization: ___ Yes ___ No 

Adult employee/supervisor is living on the premises: ___ Yes ___ No 

Open Flames are prohibited ___ Yes ___ No 

Alcohol is prohibited ___ Yes ___ No 

Property Manager hired to oversee property ___ Yes ___ No 

Also, please provide the following information: 

  • How long has this location been rented to a third party?  
  • When does the lease term end? 
  • What are the future plans for this property and when? (e.g. sell, demolish, rent, house chapter members) 

If you have a leased property, please provide your Client Executive with the information requested above.