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Preventing frozen pipes

The cold spell across much of the U.S. this past December and January unfortunately coincided with many of our campuses being on winter break. The cold temperatures coupled with less oversight and heat in the chapter facilities led to a surge in claims arising from frozen pipes. When sprinkler pipes freeze, they cause more extensive (and expensive) damage because the water comes out more forcefully.

We send out reminders at the beginning of the cold weather season, but you may want to put a reminder on your calendar for late next fall to review the following risk management tips to lessen your risk of frozen pipes:

  • keep furnace on and thermostat set at or above 68 degrees
  • providing a reliable back-up power source to ensure continuous power to the building;
  • insulating all attic openings;
  • ensuring proper seals on all doors and windows; and
  • sealing all cracks and openings in exterior walls.

In addition, make sure you complete MJ’s Winter Weather Checklist prior to the onset of winter weather. More detailed tips to manage the risk of frozen pipes is available here.