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Summer Closing Checklist

As you enter the summer months there are several things that should be done to ensure the property is protected while vacant:

CompletedClosing Task
Make sure preparations for any summer projects have been completed and a plan of action is in place.
Check all rooms and areas of the house to determine if security deposits should be returned or kept to pay for damages. You should refer to the move-in form you used at the start of the year. You should have the tenant sign the form on move-out also.
Clean all areas of the house and make sure all food has been removed or properly stored. Be sure all trash is removed from the property.
All hallways should be cleared of debris, clutter, and\or furniture and all fire doors must be closed.
Thermostats should be set to appropriate levels and hot water heater should set to “pilot” position, but not turned off. The boiler pump switches should be turned off for the summer.
Unplug all appliances, open refrigerators and freezers and empty ice makers if they are unplugged.
Secure and\or store all awards, composites, trophies, and any other valuables.
The outside of the house should be cleaned, including making sure the gutters are clear (we would recommend a professional who is properly insured). Be especially aware of any combustibles that may be stored against the exterior of the house. This should be properly disposed of.
Check interior and exterior lighting and all external doors to ensure proper security of the property and set any lighting timers to dusk to dawn setting.
Ensure that all broken windows have been repaired and are locked and blinds\drapes are closed.
All shrubbery should be trimmed to prevent easy hiding by anyone who may try to break in to the property. The landscaping should be properly maintained during the summer months.
The university police and/or local police should be notified whether anyone should be or will be at the property during the summer. Ask them to patrol regularly if possible.
An alumnus or responsible other party should have a key to access the facility if needed and check on the property at least weekly. Remember to disable resident, chapter members’, and employee key\swipe access and\or collect all keys from them. House corporation representative and\or house director, if applicable, should be the last people to leave the house.
Discontinue all services not needed during break, including mail, newspapers, food deliveries, garbage, etc.
Create and distribute list to house corporation members, chapter leadership, house director, if applicable, and headquarters contact the names and contact information for house corporation and chapter leadership, all staff members, important vendors and service providers, and appropriate emergency phone numbers.

Thanks to our business partner, CSL Management, for this resource.

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