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Welcome members of [Sorority/Fraternity name]! With the help of your National Headquarters, we have attempted to collect the top resources for you on this page.

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Our resource library is your 24-7 one-stop-shop for all things sorority risk management.


We have answers to all of your risk management questions and concerns. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

I need a Certificate of Insurance for a third party…what next?
All Certificate requests must be submitted directly via an online form.
If I drive my personal car for fraternity/sorority business, will I be covered by the fraternity/sorority policy?
If you drive your personal automobile for fraternity/sorority-related business and are involved in an accident, you need to rely on your own personal automobile insurance to pay for any injuries or damages to a third party or to your own automobile.
Are all activities covered by the insurance policies?
The General Liability policy covers premises, as well as operations liability. Premises liability means that coverage exists for claims arising on owned or rented property. Operations liability means that coverage exists for any typical event that is held off premises.
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