Resource Library

Our resource library is full of helpful information about sorority risk management. From emergency planning to insurance programs to tax issues, we have you covered.




News & Notes: June 2017

The MJ Sorority risk management bulletin.

Requesting a Certificate Flowchart (printable)

A printable decision-tree to walk you through the process of requesting a Certificate of Insurance.

News & Notes: March 2017

The MJ Sorority risk management bulletin.

Follow Bylaws To Protect Your Nonprofit From Board Litigation Checklist

Review and implement the following steps as needed: Consult an attorney to be sure your bylaws are thorough and compliant with state and federal law. Avoid including details that change, like fundraising or marketing guidelines. Be sure to tailor your bylaws to the purpose and size of your organization. Make certain you appropriately use the […]

First Report of Injury

Use to submit workers’ compensation claims.

House Directors with pets

The liability exposures associated with pets at the chapter house.

Best Practices for Background Checks

Best practices for incorporating background checks into your hiring process

ChubbWorks Registration

Directions for setting up ChubbWords for national headquarter administrator.

What to consider when it comes an ill house director

Some risk management considerations if the House Director tests positive for COVID-19

Questions for your university contacts about their COVID-19 response

Communication is key to handling COVID-19. We have developed a few questions that we think are important that chapter and house corporation officers discuss with their university contacts.

What to consider when it comes to quarantining ill members

Some risk management considerations when it comes to whether or not to quarantine ill members.

Planning safer events during the COVID-19 pandemic

At MJ Sorority, we created this resource packet to help our clients plan safer events during the COVID-19 pandemic.