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Our resource library is full of helpful information about sorority risk management. From emergency planning to insurance programs to tax issues, we have you covered.




Property Case Study: Subrogation Example

Subrogation – the legal process by which an insurance company, after paying a loss, seeks to recover the amount of the loss from another party who is legally liable for it. Scenario An extensive fire occurred on the top floor and roof of the chapter facility resulting in a total claim amount of $1,379,877.  Due to […]

Liability Case Study: Loaning the chapter house to a third party

Scenario Members of a sorority loaned their house to a men’s fraternity for a party. The men’s fraternity house was being painted, and they were unable to have a party at their own house. The sorority members did attend the party, but did not provide the alcohol. An underage member of the men’s fraternity was […]

Liability Case Study: Homecoming Float Incident

Scenario A member of a sorority was injured while climbing onto the sorority’s homecoming float. The member was walking along side the float along with fourteen other members.  The float was towards the back of the parade and was starting to fall behind. The walkers were instructed to board the float to speed up the […]

Liability Case Study: Policy Infraction

Scenario A member was injured at a chapter event when she stepped on a piece of glass that was on the dance floor and sustained a laceration to her foot. There was a sign posted at the bar stating that no glass bottles were to be taken onto the dance floor. It was discovered that […]

Liability Case Study: Bus Incident

Scenario The chapter hired two buses to take their members and guests to and from an event. One bus had security, but the senior bus did not. On the senior bus, a fight broke out between two members’ boyfriends. One of the young men sustained a broken nose, as well as other facial fractures during […]

Embezzlement Case Study: House Director

Scenario The Chapter’s Vice President of Finance became aware of unusual purchases such as gift cards on the chapter’s account. The Chapter Advisor then noted that the chapter was exceeding their food budget, which led to an audit being conducted. The audit revealed that the House Director was using chapter checks to purchase gift cards […]

Embezzlement Case Study: House Corporation Treasurer

Scenario The new House Corporation Officer discovered discrepancies in their accounts which led the House Corporation to complete an audit of their financial records. It was discovered that the former House Corporation Treasurer embezzled approximately $30,000. The former Treasure wrote numerous checks to herself with no receipts or explanations supporting to the payments. Issues to […]

Directors & Officers: Membership Termination #2

Scenario After going through the organization’s appeal process in an attempt to have her membership reinstated, a former member filed a lawsuit alleging fraud and breach of contract.  The lawsuit alleged that the organization failed to follow their own internal rules and procedures in terminating the plaintiff’s membership. Throughout the appeal process and the lawsuit, […]

Directors & Officers: Membership Termination

Scenario Two former members accused of hazing alleged that they were not given the required due process in their inappropriate dismissal from the organization.  An actual lawsuit was not filed in the matter. A claim was submitted and the insurance carrier assigned defense counsel who worked with the claimants’ attorney to prove to him that […]

Property Case Study: Fire Escape #2

Scenario At a fraternity chapter house that was hosting a party, Jane Doe, chapter member, went out a second-floor door to a fire escape platform and fell through the hole, which provided a ladder access to the ground. There had been a previous fall from this fire escape at the chapter house in question, and […]

Slip, Trip and Fall Risk Management

A guide to help reduce the risks of slips, trips and falls at your business and on your premises.

Avoiding influenza with good personal health habits

A guide on how to avoid influenza with good personal health habits.