Resource Library

Our resource library is full of helpful information about sorority risk management. From emergency planning to insurance programs to tax issues, we have you covered.




Liability Case Study: Co-Sponsored Event

A liability claim example on aco-sponsored event.

Liability Case Study: Post-Event Incident

Liability claim example regarding a post-event incident.

Liability Case Study: Unofficial Chapter House

A liability claim example on unofficial chapter houses.

Unofficial Chapter Houses

A position paper on unofficial chapter houses and the liability risk they pose.

Liability Case Study: Loaning the chapter house to a third party

A liability claim example on loaning the chapter to a third party.

Slip, Trip and Fall Risk Management

A guide to help reduce the risks of slips, trips and falls at your business and on your premises.

Sidewalk Liability

Information for property owners on liability regarding sidewalks.

Coverage for an attorney serving as counsel for nonprofit organization

Memo describing how the coverage applies in these situations.

Non-member residents in the chapter house

Risk management advice regarding non-member residents.

Using personal homes for chapter events

Memo discussing the use of individual homes for chapter events.

Personal injury versus bodily injury

The difference between personal and bodily injury in insurance policies.

Position Paper: Liquor Liability

What is liquor liability and what does it matter?